Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh was our home base while we were in Cambodia.  We stayed at the Queen Grand Hotel on a quiet little side street off of the main strip.  There were day markets, night markets and the Russian market where you could buy souvenirs, clothes, jewelry, food, and just about anything else you could ever think of and all prices are negotiable. The streets were lined with vendors through out the city selling everything from fruit, to b.b.q, to lotus flowers, even cooked insects and tarantulas! It was like the city that never sleeps.  

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The Queen Grand was a quaint hotel with a wonderful staff who would greet us with a smile and light conversation every time we would pass by.  The view from my room was a menagerie of colorful worn out, broken down buildings, brand new high risers, busy residents and beautiful sunsets. We had tuk-tuk drivers waiting outside to give us rides either to one place or for the day.  We ate at elegant restaurants, took walks in the large commons, and went to spas to treat our tired feet, in between our traveling and commitments. We also had a wonderful bus driver, Ming, who transported our crew of 14  to all of our appointments in a timely and safely manner. To me , it seems like it is a city where the wealthy and the poor all live amongst each other, intertwined ,with no borders  or separations between them.







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