Moto’s, moto’s everywhere!


Moto’s are the main source of transportation in Cambodia.  These multipurpose vehicles are affordable, compact and can be ridden by most anyone.  There are no laws on how old you have to be to drive them and I never saw any speed limit signs.  There are very few traffic lights and when we did see them, the motos just seem to still do their own thing. Unfortunately, there is a lot of pollution and many, many accidents.  They say the leading cause of death is due to traffic accidents and they predict there are about 5 or 6 deaths every day.  One law they do have is that drivers are to wear helmets. Passangers and children don’t have to. They also don’t have any safety harnesses for children.  This was very upsetting to see and I couldn’t seem to take my eyes off of them whenever we were traveling. As you will see in these pictures, there are infants in mothers arms, toddlers standing and nodding off while other siblings, not much older than them are responsible for holding onto them, and families of up to 6 on one, all traveling on busy roads with cars, trucks and busses passing by them.  I feel like there needs to be more laws to protect the safety of these children.

Besides that, we saw the most ingenious ways of transporting and towing items.  The packing and  balancing acts are to be commended!






This is an unbelievable balancing act of baskets on this moto.


img_2846Sharing a ride.  It is not uncommon to see up to 5 (sometimes 6)people on one motor scooter.  Even infants!

Possibly a giant pump?

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