Cambridge Cambodia School

We traveled to the Cambridge Cambodian School in the village of Kauk Rovieng, Kampong Cham province, 65 km from Phnom Penh, a 1.5 hour drive. It is a middle school that was built with the funds raised by students in Cambridge, MA..  They also  built a library there.  While we were there, we presented bicycles to the graduating class going off to high school, and books for their library that were bought through funds raised by the students of Cambridge, MA. When we arrived, the road to the school was lined with the students, holding up signs and clapping as we all walked past them toward the school. It was so heart warming! We went into the library and listened to the children read to us from the new books that they just received.  Some read in English and some read to us in Khmer.  There were hand-made posters around the room that were written in Khmer and English with common quotes with positive messages.

After we left the library, we visited some of the classrooms, then we all went outside to present their graduation bicycles to the graduating middle schoolers.  Those bicycles will make it possible for the students to attend high school which is too far  for them to walk, there is no other means of transportation in this village for kids to get to school.

When we left, we drove down the road to a nice restaurant with delicious food, cold drinks and a beautiful view

This was one of my favorite days here in Cambodia. It was such an amazing experience to be there, at the school, with the children, seeing how much they appreciate everything that is given to them to help educate them and keep them in school. Also, to see how hard the teachers work to make this all possible for them, on such a tiny salary.







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